How to update Team's cover photo?

Effortlessly update your team's cover photo with these simple steps.

Please keep in mind that only admins have the privilege to edit the team's banner photo.
  1. Begin by accessing your dashboard and navigating to 'My Teams.'
  2. Choose the specific team you wish to update.
  3. On the team's page, locate and click 'Edit' next to the banner photo.
  4. Browse through your files to select and add the desired photo.
  5. Once satisfied, click the 'Save' button to preserve the changes.

It's a quick and easy process to ensure your team's visual representation stays up-to-date. Admins, take charge of your team's aesthetic by following these straightforward steps.

Here's a quick video tutorial for you to follow:

If you can't update your team's cover photo, please contact us at so we can assist you!