How to Follow Up Leads?

How to Follow Up Leads?

Have you ever watched the real estate show Million Dollar Listing? I watched it a long time ago, and one of the realtors featured on the show was Ryan Serhant.

I’m reading his book right now, and it's got a lot of sales secrets you might want to try!

What is the best way to follow up with your clients?

Here's Ryan's formula for following up with clients:

1. HOT - clients are ready to buy something now. They have a time-line set.

Follow up schedule: Everyday!

2. WARM - clients are thinking about buying something. They are buy-curious.

Follow-up schedule: Once a week

3. COLD - clients are not actively looking to buy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow up.

Follow up schedule: Once or twice a month

When they do decide to buy something, there you are, like magic!

Follow-up tip:

It can get boring to follow up by constantly asking when they're ready to buy. One great way to follow up is to offer potential options clients might be interested in.

Try sending your client a Dazle link to your latest property listings. Plus, let them explore your personal website!

Why not do it now? Share your Dazle listings with your clients today.